Foreign Affairs

The FUX in Nottingham, UK. What a great story...we were to play with PANIC, hailing from Newcastle (of legendary Newcastle Brown Ale fame). We went into town in Nottingham to buy souvenir jerseys, but we didn't like the Nottingham Forest jerseys...too plain. Those red & white striped ones, they were cool looking! So we all got one with THE FUX printed on the back. We decided to impress our Notts & Newcastle hosts by donning them at the last second and just appearing on stage with them. We didn't realize we wearing Sunderland jerseys, Newcastle's most hated and despised rivals!!! They stood up front for the first three songs (tripling the insult) with their backs to us. We were lucky to get this shot on film, that red & yellow isn't an effect, it's the end of the roll.

Bridgewater   Cardiff   Leeds   Manchester   Neath


OK, here's links to some old photos I found of various UK towns and cities (2002) and there's more to come. These are mostly from our third tour there. Directly below are some miscellaneous photos, some from the first FUX UK Tour (2000) and the last romp thru Germany, Czech, some other places (2005). There's more, I'm still uncovering them for scanning


Calling home...Hi Mom! I'm in England!

The Spread Eagle Pub in...where Tim?

The REAL Sherwood forest, of Robin Hood fame

Ready to jump a Virgin...Airline!

Where to take a piss in Swansea, Wales

How to earn money in Swansea


Castle in Cardiff, Wales

Back it up to the Booze & Foods mate, it's an emergency! Shopping in Manchester

Need a taxi there gov'ner? Pick a "colour"

Your new UK apartment. Comes furnished.

"I don't care where the steering wheel is, or what side of the road you have to drive on..." Roman finds a country that lets him drive.

Counting the days on the road: Every day, a new newspaper, a new Sun Page 3 Girl


Squatter house in Oxford, England Yeah! We crashed here. Got on line and caught up with our email... ...and found gear to jam on!
The FUX make attend the University Of Oxford...for a day! Crowd participation in Neath, Wales Fucking hot and excited




Bathroom graffiti in Leipzig, Germany. Like ours, except with lots of "Fascist" and "Hitler" cock jokes this helped to know where you were when you woke up.  This kid lived in the bombed out Geisserstrassen Project where we stayed in Leipzig. The broom and cart is what this girl did for FUN. Hey, you missed some nuclear waste over there kid! 


View from our room in Brno, Czech Republic

 Clean sheets! View of our room in Vesti'n, Czech

View  of the courtyard in the Geiserstrassen: Bombed out windows, leftover war surplus. Sleep anywhere.


FUX stickers look good on tits in any country! German lovely shows support for the Americans Our promoter in Germany: Mathias of SM Musik Our room in Brno, Czech...hey, they can't all be clean sheets
"No Fireworks" sign in Germany...Yeah sure! Overlooking Dresden...nicely rebuilt since we bombed the fuck out of it. Breakfast hangout in Leipzig: we stumbled in there morning and night for wine & beer, juice & eggs, and of course, NUTELLA!!