Lehigh Valley Music Awards


The FUX won no award in 2005, ending a 4 year domination of the event. Not bad for the band that "would never get their name in print"

Fux Moments and Friends


Roman takes the first award with WLVR "FritzRocks" DJ AJ Fritz 

The few, the proud, the FUX!!-Best Punk Band award

Roman, Ellie Mae, the LVMA award

Ellie Mae and new Fux Jeff Cobain share the happiness and joy

Jeff getting a little too much joy...

...and the result of Roman putting an end to it.

"OK, I'll go but some more booze..."

"...that's more like it"


Roman proudly displaying Fux ID after being mistaken for an insurance salesman

Sue & Johnny Numbers, Michelle Glass, Roman, Ellie Mae

Johnny Numbers slinging drinks at the bar: "Whose your daddy?!"

The New Fux: Cobain, Roman, Numbers (Tim Vicious no show) taking the second award-Best Punk Band Performance. Damn straight!!

Fux with WLVR DJ Stu Brodian, who was afraid to say the Fux name. C'mon Stu, it's a party! Ethics Schmethics!

Two award winning Fux on their best behavior for the Morning Call photographer's photo

Jeff Cobain in his most common form...

...and Roman in his.


Three out of Four Fux, Two out of Three awards

Andy from took photos. Check out his site A couple 'a good fella's: WLVR's DJ AJ Fritz, Mitch from 99.9 The Hawk. Both secret followers of Fuxism Jeff took this shot as he was falling over


Sue, Jeff, Ellie Mae providing support

Roman & Dino: Turns out this guy is related to me...somehow. Where the fuck are you Chris and Dale?  I don't know if Jeff ever made it to the "Gentleman" room. I don't know if he ever made it home...alive. Call me if you lived Jeff.  

Lehigh Valley Music Awards 2003

End of the night with 5 awards

 A nice sticker display...

... but one-upped by blues diva Screamin' Mary Hawkins Awards: Punk Band, Punk Performance, Website, Punk CD and LYRICIST??!!

Lehigh Valley Music Awards 2002

The first award ever in our hometown, the coveted 2003 Best Punk Band

Elli & Chief dance to celebrate

 Chief takes a high hat spike in the eye

Elli practices on a burner

Fux begin the legendary and notorious Sterling show

the legendary and notorious reason the Fux get banned from the Sterling

 Destruction begins...

...end result after the entire gang piles on

Tim enjoys the girls eating him

Roman with LVMA founder Ian White, award winner Steve Brosky

Roman with the best award of all

Girls just want to have fun