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My dad made everyone pose for photos all the time, and we all hated it...but years later we were grateful. When I look back through my closet that's full of them, it's great...seeing the years roll away... and I would never remember some of the great times without them. 

I  take pride in documenting shows, people, and events as much as possible. I love getting you in the game, on the site, it's part of the fun. There's a method to the madness, and some explanations, disclaimers, and maybe even apologies in order:


What's left of my memory is bad. I usually don't get everyone's name, or I can't remember them all the first time. Come back to the shows, or contact me to supply or correct information. For bands, I'm happy to name you and link you on our site. Again, send me what I need to know,  then I can place some faces sometimes.


 I hand my camera  to anyone while I play, and do my best to get around when I'm not playing. Depending on how unfamiliar someone is with my camera affects the shot. How busy I am restricts who and how many photos I get. No matter what, I hate to discard anything. Some shots are poor, some turn out cool and freaky. In my opinion, that's better than nothing so I post them.


 Generally I post the photos in the order they were taken, from the beginning of the night to the end. That may give you an idea of the band order of appearance, or where on the page a photo of yourself may appear.


  Hey, it's all in fun. ANY craziness is encouraged, whether it's fire, tits, or dancing. I don't condone fighting, but we do have a "Blood Gallery" because that happens, and it's certainly photo worthy...anyway, please don't give me any shit about it. If you don't like photos of people having fun, being drunk and stupid, or getting silly...fuck you.


If you want to add or supply photos or info, please do. If you want one of the posted photos sent to you in high resolution for your own collection, just let me know. If you want me to remove a photo of yourself, OK. Just remember - it's about FUN! And...my MEMORY!


Thanks for your time, and your contributions!

Fux Commander-In-Chief

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