& Glossary



"Just who are The Fux? One song ("Deathmobile") sounds exactly like the Mentors; I trust that they'll take that as a compliment, because they do a magnificent job of calling up the bloated spirit of El Duce.  But wait! Another song ("Walk Away") sounds just like The Dead Milkmen---that dorks, lyrically rambling type of song that tells a semi-pointless story.  As with the homage to El Duce, they do an admirable job of calling on the spirit of the Milkmen.... The rest of the record sounds a lot like Fang...but better because while the maturity level is about the same, these guys at least have a true sense of humor about themselves.  Aside from doffing the cap to past legends while carving out their own way, what I found made this record acceptable was the total lack of effort on the part of the Fux to take themselves too seriously... They should do a Mentors tribute...."  - Razorcake Magazine (I'm on TV)

"Yeow! The FUX are armed with a lead guitarist that's ... got the skills to make it work. These guys also made two six-minute punk songs that aren't crap! These guys mix familiar 80's punk sounds with hard rock and made a fine disk: a CD that's 17 songs with a solid 12 page booklet. Nice package, good band-check it out."  (HM) Maximum Rock N Roll  (I'm on TV)

" This is NOT pop-punk, do you hear me? ... if you want REAL punk ... buy this. And when you get it, go directly to track 17 "Bitch (You Bitch, You Fucking Bitch)." (SH)   Impact Press, April 2005  (I'm on TV)

"Now this is more like it - The FUX’s latest has everyone here at Waste central bouncing off the walls. Balls, guitars and killer songs... pure punk for the spiky, died and dirty. This stuff is great!" - New York Waste Magazine, New York, NY  (I'm On TV demo)

 "Fear meets Iggy and the tight band" - Rockpile, Philadelphia, PA (Holy Shit!! It's The FUX!!)

"Rip roaring collection of chords and chaos...a highly flammable collection of lurching grooves and skeleton rock" - NY Waste Magazine full length  (I'm On TV)

"in your face punk rock with a total 'fuck you' attitude..Circle Jerks vibe..tinge of US Bombs...raw punk assault" - Ipswich/Suffolk, England, UK (Made In The U.S. Fucking A!!)

"sing -a-long brand of punk... not bad!" - Wales, UK 

"a little Social D...not pop punk!" - Big Shout, Wilmington, DE 

"the next wave of traditional punk....a potent dose of '77, furious, and chaotic. [Lyrically] confrontational, thought provoking...conjuring up themes of corruption and burning out too young" - Buffalo Beat, Buffalo, NY   

"high energy originals..the attitude is right!" - Louisville Look, Louisville, KY   

"straight guitar punk...for those who like their punk served raw, the way it should be" - Wilmington, DE 

"tighter and more melodic than a lot of stuff on the street...good, fast punk sound" - Philadelphia, PA   

"a lot of bang for the musicianship...downright fun...lyrics recall Anti-Nowhere League" - Rockpile, Phila. PA

"obnoxious punk with flavors on Oi!, hardcore, and rock and roll thrown in...lyrics sound like Angry Samoans' - Punk Planet   

"The Fux kommen aus den USA. Sie spielen eine flotte Punkmusik, gepaart mit Rock'n'Roll-Elementen. Konzert anschauen und Spass haben!"  - SM-Musik, Germany


" sense of melody...abrasive...lacks content, for those of you who demand musicality in your music"- Pulse Weekly, Allentown PA  (I'm on TV) Editors note: The FUX have been nominated for the Pulse Weekly's Best Punk Band Award for this same year

"...the only thing I can compare this too is dogshit. This is pretty bad stuff... the name of the disc and the US flag on the cover should piss off the lot too"- Maximum Rock N Roll  (Made In The U.S. Fucking A!!) Editors note: See The FUX latest review from MMR above

" gave  the jimi hendrix award to the wrong person... the fucks are a disgrace... you and i bothe know the fucks blow. they will never make it..." - local washed-up band


"...punk styles rolled into one-'77 spikes, early '80's US punk, and a slice of rock...the kids loved it. Roman had been lifted above the peoples heads, thrown to the ground, and jumped on...and still he carried on playing...a great night" -  live at The Indian Queen, Boston, England, UK

"... left their audiences gaping with their intense and dynamic performances" - Buffalo Beat, Buffalo, NY

"...The Fux ARE punk, pure and simple. mowhawks, but energy to spare...Roman, not unlike Jimi Hendrix, set fire to a guitar - and still played it. [The] owner looked on nervously. The crowd stood in awe as the set ended, then went crazy"  - in store performance, Jeremiah's Records, Wilmington, DE

" ...a Fux show can often come across as something directly out of The Decline Of Western Civilization: full of hardcore attitude and screaming distortion" - Rotten House Records, Reading, PA

"...not only are The Fux a great show, but The Fux are great with the people...taking pictures, hanging out, fun for my crowd" - Owner of The Caboose, Raleigh, NC

"crazy, bizarre, shocking" - Merrit Island, FL

 "Chaos at 200 miles per hour!" - USA  venue booking agent 

"Holy Mary!" - North Carolina booking agent for a competitive band

"I was mortified..' an opening act's parents

" I don't like them or their music. If I see them in my club I'll break their legs" -  PA pop/cover band venue owner




" can't have a name like that! No one will print it, no one will say it...and we won't play it" - Allentown commercial radio station 

"...hey Roman, I heard you guys on the radio last night!" - Allentown guitar student

"...Roman, My name is A***** K**** and I am A&R Scout in J*** S***'s office at Columbia Records in New York City.   J*** saw that The Fux are playing a show in New York in the near future and was curious to hear the music.  I am contacting you to request music and a press kit be sent to our office. Please send it to: Columbia Records,*** Madison Avenue, **th Floor,New York, NY 10022..."

"...I did not negotiate with the Middle East [Boston] for what they typically pay a band for the gig.  I assume that there is a basic pay that they work out based on $ coming from the door.  That is something that you (or John?) will need to work out with the Middle East.  I can’t commit to paying the band for the gig, I can commit to the Hotel Rooms(2-3 rooms?), a well advertised and  promoted show, a tie-in with Sam Adams name for the show, Brewery Tour, $200 for gas. The next time your playing around here let me know, put me on your mailing list..."  

"You get $100 every Tuesday. Do whatever you want, it's totally up to you" - 2A (Second Avenue, Bethlehem, PA) Management




Frankenstein, Frank Roman's main guitar, a  Strat literally split in half through years of Fux abuse, and bolted back together again. Recently replaced with Son Of Frankenstein...a 2004 American Standard (Modified of course. ) Thanks Andy!!

Burner  Guitars for lighting on fire, must be  Stratocasters (it's traditional). All burners are functional playable guitars and get rebuilt.

Seasoning Residue on the guitar after constant burning

Marinating Washing the burners down with lighter fluid to remove excess residue or "seasoning". 

Reloading Preparing a burner. Fux like to  travel "loaded"

Back-up The extra guitars for shows in case of malfunction, string breaks, etc. 

Doubling Up Playing two shows in one day. Often two different towns.

In The Back Door Getting a gig without going through channels, or playing a show we're not supposed to be on.

Swindle Getting paid for a show without actually playing it.

Goof Juice Drinks to give you lots of neurotic energy. We used to use Ultimate Orange. Now there's Red Bull, Amp, etc.

French Tickler A switchblade

Romanantics All the stuff Roman does with a guitar besides play it

Travel Permit Permission for Roman to leave the state. (Roman's officially off of State Parole now)

Junk Drawer Your pants, and what's in them

The Black Box A Marshall Power Brake, the little gadget on top of Roman's amp. Drives 100 watt amps full power at a (LOL) listening level.

Full Show The Fux act with burning guitar included. Sometimes not permitted, sometimes requested. Always entertaining!

Stunt Wags Our friend Chris, official  Hollywood trained stunt man. Makes occasional appearances. 

Krang Krang A substitute word for anything:  noun, verb or adjective, ever since we played in Chinatown and with bands from Japan. "hey, what's the krang-krang?" "Nice krang-krang" or, "Holy Krang-krang!"  Also yet another pseudonym for Johnny Numbers. "Yo, Johnny Krang-krang!" It's a long story. Ask Johnny Krang-krang.