The FUX    (610) 306-9204

The next wave of traditional punk -Buffalo Beat Buffalo, NY    
CIRCLE JERKS...US BOMBS vibe... punk assault -Gadgie, Ipswich, UK
FEAR meets IGGY POP, The STOOGES -Rockpile, Philadelphia, PA 
This stuff is GREAT!! - New York Waste, NY, NY   

           Classic '77 style punk born in 1996, the FUX were at first shunned in their conservative All-American hometown of Allentown, PA only to be quickly welcomed in cities along their self booked tour routes of NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and any dangerous, volatile punk points in between. Sales were in the 100's, out of the van but good.

By 1998 they had increased sales with several US East Coast Tours under their belt and by 2002 had returned from their 3rd UK tour to perform for and win the Lehigh Valley Music Award's category for Best Punk Band. The summer of 2003 brought a second full length CD, their inclusion on dozens of compilation CDs, a tour of Europe, and a return to their hometown, this time to take first place for five LV Music Awards, among them Best Punk Group, Best Live Performance, and Best Punk CD.

    Album sales increased from 100 to 1,000 to 100,000. Finally picked up by Valiant Death Records in 2004, The FUX released their third full length in 2005, and plans are in the works for more tours in the US and Europe. They currently frequent NYC and surrounding East Coast areas where they've generated some interest from some major labels and are closing in on the one million in sales spot.

Their fast and furious cross-genre style of punk rock guarantees them repeat performances in almost every venue they play, placing them on stages with current representations of traditional punk such as The US Bombs, Dropkick Murphy's, and Agnostic Front, classic punk acts like The Vibrators, Fear, and Gang Green, plus new punk with Anti-Flag and Dillinger Four. Recently in NYC the FUX worked with the Dwarves and the Exploited and were requested by CBGB's to play their very last ever New Year's Eve Party of 2005. 

"Chaos at 2000 miles an hour" -a USA promoter             
"Holy Mary!" - a North Carolina booking agent for a competitive band
"I was mortified"-an opening acts' parents
"Thrown above the peoples head, on the ground, still [The FUX] carried on playing...a great nite!" -concert review from Ipswich, England

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