Punk, Blues, Rock Fux & Friendly Support

Tommy Ramone 
Ramone info links

Dave Dreweitz from WEEN

Crazy Allen Otto from Electro Harmonics

Frank Wood & Roman w/ Lani Ford of STARK, Fox 5 TV NYC

Johnny Law, The X's, Banana Fish Zero

Richard Lloyd from Television

Graves, from The Dickies. Tries to puff with Roman in Allentown

Roman and Tiny, a new Dickie, hold down the merch fort in NYC

Myke Hideous, The MISFITS, expresses his feelings over Sunderland 



From the cast and shop of Miami Ink...


Fux around the world....

Corey, NASHVILLE PUSSY with FUX colors

Jonno, oldest Punk in the UK

The Fux,  Lee Ving from FEAR

Todd Wolfe, Sheryl Crow guitarist

Bekki Bondage from VICE SQUAD

Jeff Magnum, DEAD BOYS


Warren Fish, The VANDALS

Warren smokes while being strangled with Roman's guitar string

 Robbie, Roman, Knox


Ron Jennings, Famous Philly 
session man
Lee, CNN weather girl, 
poolside with Frank
with Tom Servo on the Satellite of Love
Flamin' Harry John Popper BLUES TRAVELER Sonny Rhoads



Sam Andrews, Big Brother & The Holding Co. (Janis Joplin) Clarence Gatemouth Brown LES PAUL!! The Legend
Greg Koch, Fender spokesman, before seeing Frankenstein and bursting into tears. Jammin' with the Big Poppa Ask Todd to tell you the 
Sheryl Crow "puking story"