Sometimes we sell this shit cheaper at a show. Sometimes more! Sometimes we won't sell it to you at all! 
Get it if you can get it!@%#@&(^


Patches - same material as the shirts

"The Fux" is discreetly written all around the border

A little more obviously

Ripped right off the back off the T Shirts, perfect jean jacket backs


T shirts- all the backs have the logo on them real big

 front-style 1

 front style 2





Stickers! Wow! Cheap as shit


 FREE with an order or at the shows!!


also black lettering on white available


Buy it!!




Was $250, now thru this site only $10!! You save $240!!

NEW full length CD "I'm On TV""

"The FUX’s latest has everyone here at Waste central bouncing off the walls. Balls, guitars and killer songs... pure punk for the spiky, died and dirty. This stuff is great!" 

- New York Waste magazine, New York, NY


A few bucks: worth the artwork alone!

Vinyl comp: Fux, Electric Frankenstein, Moral Minority, Strap Ons


Past  Victories: Classic FUX tunes, currently out of print. Re-pressings on the way...stay tuned or bug Roman about it.



Holy Shit! It's The Fux!!

Our first demo, Roman got a funny voice and everything. Contains original recordings of 
"Everything Sucks", "I Don't Give A Fuck"



Made In The U.S. Fuckin' A!

Hits include "Morrissey", "Puppies On Fire", "I Don't Think So"

14 tracks including a hidden one (popular trick at the time) of "Hate You " (instrumental)


Weapon Of Freedom

 "Motherfucker Son", "Stairway To Heroin", "UK/USA" to name just a few...12 tracks plus a weird bonus one