Saturday April 2 CBGB's 


The Fux, Joker Five Speed, GSX

The New Professionals

Jokers load out

Jason, latest conversion to Fuxism Dave ready on the rack Can you figure out what CBGBOMFUG means?

Where it all started  Johnny & Cobain...ready to rock Jeff snags some foreign girls for an American Fux photo op Jeff again, this time with GSX hottie


Roman Jeff Tim John



Punk rock...requires deep concentration? Hungry enough to eat...a Strat The Fux try out their Temptations moves

Guest vocals on "Fuck Me, Fuck You" Roman, Jeff, Tim More guests, with nicer breasts


Showing Jason the words A momument to NYC - The FUX!!! Look close...Jeff's in there! (Or that's Roman with four legs)

Johnny tweaks somebody's drums...Thanks to Steve Mach Elli at the CB's girls room...she decided to piss somewhere else Suszy Q and Elli


Joker Five Speed...was that their name...? ...yes, I'm sure of it now matching stacks impress

behind the stacks - Roger on drums. Thanks for the show Roger. See you soon at Trash Bar, Brooklyn  



New Professionals    




    Jeff finishes the job...3 AM, 4 Daylight Saving Time. Time to head home


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