CBGB's Lounge
Saturday, November 19, 2005
The Fux and The Saloonatics

fuck yeah roman. im glad you guys at least wrecked the place. turns out our bouncer that night, mitch, is actually a fucking fire marshall. which is exactly why he wouldnt let you burn yr shit. haha.

arg. anyway, keep on rocking. ill be in touch with you about new years. theres still details i need to work out with the club before i can finish out the roster for the night.

and thank you again

On 11/22/05, ROMANUWR@aol.com <ROMANUWR@aol.com> wrote:
> Hey Becca, thanks for the show at CB's..... We have a great time that night. We didn't burn anything, but I did my best to wreck everything (only our stuff of course, we're professional!) and Gunjy [Saloonatics] jumped on top of all  of us at the end, it was fun. Go to our site, and look at the pix.
> Thanks again
> Roman
> _The FUX


Johnny Numbers

Timid, John, Roman

Cueing Johnny on the Big Intro

Thanking God for CBGB's

On his knees in worship

Timid has played Squire Bass Infinity exclusively. 
How about some sponsorship Fender?

It's not posing...it's not gimmicks...

...it comes from the heart and soul...


You have to MEAN it...MAN!

...in ritualistic Fuxism position for... 


Batter up! Roman at the plate...

...Johnny catching Roman, the fly screwball...

...and Gunjy from The Saloonatics diving onto home plate with the lot of them!

And now, the National Anthem.

Aftermath: nothing standing, and no encores.



Just in!! More pix, from JB and Cindy's camera




additional photos, Roman's camera, courtesy of JB and Cindy


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