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Fux show at CB's April 2, 2005 
Fux in CB's Lounge November 19, 2005
Last New Years Ever at CBGB's Dec 31, 2005


CB's New Years Eve 2005 Poster - Click, and Print It!!

CB's New Years Eve 2005 Poster - Print It!!

This was truly a great event, and it was an honor to be part of it. Visit and support our friends and sponsors who made it possible by going to their sites:

Strike First Music MySpace Site


Rock City Morgue

Varla Magazine

The Fux first appeared on stage in CBGB's in 1999, 
and there's a great fire shot from there on the back cover of the Made In the U.S. Fucking A album

Roman and NYC Fux Fans in the infamous CBGB's doorless bathrooms in 1999


Just what IS the fate of CBGB's? See the links below for the NYC News latest. The official word is they will exist until October 31st, 2006, as long as they pay their more reasonably fair rent rate of only $39,000 a MONTH! After that CBGB's will exist in name only, the UNofficial word being it will be a Las Vegas club, or chain, like the Hard Rock Cafe. It won't be the real CBGB's, so visit the most famous historic shithole in the world while you can...and when the FUX are playing! Tell them The FUX sent ya!

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